Monday, March 05, 2007

Pumping Iron - how can something so small ...

Spent hours today going through all of my clippings and reports. Love reading all about easy ways to feel GREAT - fast.

You are gonna Love this one too.

Pine Nuts - Packed with Iron - 3 mgs of iron per 1 oz serving. Iron eases fatigue and improves focus.

I have a little baggy of nuts on me at all time. In the car - in my purse. I make up a week's worth of nut bags and keep 'em in the freezer ready-to-go.

Pine Nuts (Energy) + Walnuts (Mood Lifter!) + Almonds (Antioxidant Extraordinaire) You can throw in a few dried fruits while you're at it - cranberries, dates, apples ...

Enjoy the taste. Enjoy the extra energy too.

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