Sunday, March 18, 2007

Insomnia Be Gone! Day 2

Well. Mixed results. M. tossed & turned last night. I was sleeping like a baby until one of his tosses & turns woke me up. I got back to sleep but it took a little time ... This is a classic delima of couples! Yikes!

We both got up on schedule again i.e. early vs. over sleeping.

I feel good today - he's o.k. - tonight we will hit the hay early and keep on track.

P.S. We're looking at moving & houses & taxes and ... some of this exciting stuff is behind the t & t. Journaling helps me - do you think I can get M. to journal "it" away too?

Click here to read about how to write it down - tune it out and catch up on those zzzzzzzssssss.

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