Monday, August 20, 2007

The 10-Minute Energy Solution and Parenting with Fire

I happened to stop at Border's Books today and scored with a couple cool finds ... they both address the mental and emotional factors that trigger fatigue and how to boost energy and recover from fatigue.

"The 10-Minute Energy Solution" A Proven Plan to Increase Your Energy, Reduce Your Stress, and Transform Your Life." I'll give it a go and let you know how I like it ...

"Parenting with Fire - Lighting Up the Family with Passion and Inspiration." I bought this one with a girlfriend in mind ... is there anything more tiring, draining and demanding than a teen-ager? O.k. maybe a newborn. She has both - yikes!

Anyway ... part of my point here is to encourage you to never stop learning, growing or making the time for inspirational reads and "ah has" in your life. For an expanded listing of my favorite reads and resources, just click here ...

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