Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Relax, re-Energize and Rejuvenate with the Mom-Defrazzler Seminar

Just found out that one of my re-Energizing buddies is now offering a seminar to help tired, frazzled moms relax and rejuvenate. This is also a cool opportunity to enjoy girlfriend time with close friends of bond with new mom friends.

For more information ... click here ... pulls up a pdf document that explains all.

The Mom-Defrazzler: An interactive, practical, sometimes humorous look at motherhood and stress. In this seminar Darlene will discuss the stress that mothers experience every day, and offer quick solutions for immediate stress relief as well as long-term solutions for reducing the stress in daily life. This is probably Darlene's most popular request. The emphasis here is on lifestyle and philosophy of living a stress-reduced life.

Length: 30 minutes to a full weekend seminar.

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