Saturday, August 11, 2007

LOL - at yourself! Can you?

Tired women tend to take themselves and life too seriously. Someone said to me recently, "Don't sweat the small stuff and, it's all small stuff."

That didn't just hit home - it hit a home run with me and my attitude.

So ... guess that is why I am sharing what could be considered one of the most embarrassing photos of my life. See if you can pick me out of this enthusiastic, engaged group.

I am the women on the end who, according to my nieces, looks so peaceful. Trust me - I wasn't peaceful. I was praying. Just get me off of this, just get me through this and I will ...

Every time I look at this photo I laugh out loud! It is a great reminder that life is a roller coaster but I can find a way to enjoy or, at least, flow with the moment. And, I am never alone!

What about you? Any photos, any stories you'd like to share? Post away ...

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