Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Colors of the Chakras Meditation.

Today I am starting my days with all the Colors of the Chakras Meditation!

I have been everywhere over these past couple weeks mentally, physically and emotionally. I have been "too busy" to feed my spirit with readings, rest or meditation. That's THE SIGN that I need it most.

So right now instead of go-go-going, I paused to re-Energize all of me.
I started with the tip top of my crown chakra
to the third eye chakra,
to the throat chakra,
to the heart chakra,
to the solar plexus chakra
to the sacral chakra
and finally, to the root chakra.
(This is supposed to be red!)

Your turn. It is time to pause, close your eyes and involve your senses.

Touch: Use a hand to tap each body part as you visualize the colors. You will tap the top of your head, then ... your third eye/forehead, throat, heart, rib cage, belly and groin.

Hearing: Use your voice to say each word out loud. Sight: Use your mind to bring in each color along the way. Smell: Breathe in jasmine or lemon or lavendar through your nose. Exhale stale thoughts and stress through your mouth. Use your sacred breath to recharge and relax all-of-you chakra by chakra.

There. How did you like that?! Repeat as needed -- I will.

FYI: I love to have relaxing scents all around me ... my desktop, kitchen counter, bedside. Feels - smells so good! Here is one brand I recommend ...

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VeritableGoddess said...

Meditation food for the soul and the mind. Good reminder.