Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's in your break-fast?

How we start our day has oh-so-much to do with how our day goes ...

Start with a cup of coffee and something sweet if you want to feel jagged and edgy.

Start with my "Oatmeal Energize" if you want to feel balanced and energized over the course of your day.

You choose!

Oh and don't forget to add in 8 glasses of water to fuel your cells & energize your brain power!

Feeling good is easy. We just have to do it!


Adeline said...

I start my morning with a nice bowl of Oatmeal, with fresh fruit, & wheat germ. The rest of the day is difficult. Later I may eat too many carbs, and at night I’m craving something sweet. Do you have a secret to keep me on track for the rest of the day? Especially those night cravings for sweets and ice cream.

viveca said...

Adeline - I cart around little baggies with me eat frequent snacks to keep my energy up and carb munching at bay.
So - there's the baggie of carrots & celery; baggie of dried fruits, nuts & rice checks and the baggie of sliced apple. I make up a weeks' worth of these on Sunday nights and put all the baggies into a humngo baggie - ever trying to "keep it simple."
Something else to eat at night when you have those cravings would be another bowl of oatmeal or another cereal - it comforts and digests slowly. Take your time eating it 'cause it takes up to 15 minutes for our stomachs to notice what we're up to and to feel satisfied. We eat "fast food" fast so that never fills us up. Make sense?

The Cheap Gourmet said...

I've found that eating 12 whole almonds around 11am helps to squelch sugar cravings. It also seems to make me more alert and able to stay on task. Perhaps, it is because almonds have a sweet flavor and remind me of a Snickers bar. If I try really hard, I can visualize the nugget and chocolate ;-)

Seriously though, 12 whole almonds provide you with the recommended daily allowance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), also known as "good fat". As they say, 12 a day will keep the doctor away.