Wednesday, September 26, 2007

10 Ways to Boost Your Energy TODAY.

1. How do you break-your-fast?
2. Just Say No.
3. Get help. Don't be shy.
4. Turn it off.
5. Love someone.
6. Live Your Own Life.

It is exhausting to live someone else's life. I know because I have tried and tried.
So why do it?

Because you've been doing it forever so it feels natural. (I started rescuing broken winged birds when I was five and my brother became disabled.)

Because you feel fearful of something and that turns into an overwhelming need to control. If only he/she would eat, sleep, work more, work less, gain weight, lose weight ... then I could relax, be happy, work more, work less, eat more, eat less ..

Putting your life on hold until someone else's life changes to suit you is a no-win, fatiguing, dispiriting downer way to live. Well you're not really living, you are waiting to live. Big difference.

When you love someone you also respect them. You trust them to make the best choices for themselves. You have faith that they have a higher power and guardian angel protection, just like you.

Respect ... trust ... faith. How do you feel when someone gifts you that? On fire.

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