Saturday, September 29, 2007

10 Ways to Boost Your Energy TODAY.

1. How do you break-your-fast?
2. Just Say No.
3. Get help. Don't be shy.
4. Turn it off.
5. Love someone.
6. Live Your Own Life.
7. Refresh Your Activities.

What do you do for fun? What do you do to fuel your spirit? Where and with whom do you gather to boost your energy?

Me, I volunteer at the SPCA on Wednesdays and walk the dogs for a couple of hours. More than walk I hug, encourage, tickle, pet, skip, wheedle, treat ... I do whatever I can to bring them happiness and make my time count.

Over the months this time has become a cornerstone for my own recovery from fatigue. It is a time where the cell phone, aggravations, to dos and worries get put on hold. I come out of it tired but refreshed. Heck I've even lost 7 lbs!

If you are reading this ... take a moment to think about what has floated your boat.

Love to dance, do you? Try something new -- Salsa or Tango or Jitterbug or ... Want to get back into your running shoes and make new healthy friends? Check out the Girls Gotta Move Running Club at Do you love to entertain but don't feel up to being the hostess with the mostess? Make it easy and affordable with the ...

1-2-3 Girl's Night In Potluck Plan

1. Pick a menu at
2. Invite your friends to come over and
3. Cook it up and clean it up together.

Game of charades? Optional, but recommended. Category?
Self-Help Books!

It will be hilarious acting out some of those titles like ... The Fat Flush Plan, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting. How about Hot Times How to Eat Well, Live Healthy, and Feel Sexy During the Change ...

You got a better idea? Do it (and post it here for the rest of us to try!)

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