Friday, July 13, 2007

Kudos to Michael Moore & Mike Huckabee

Kudos to Michael Moore & Mike Huckabee for bringing the topic of "self-health" to the American Public. This is a discussion we need to have and NOW is as good a time as any.

Now for individual Kudos -- First to Michael Moore for suggesting:

1. We would have better medical care in Cuba then we do in the U.S. and that

2. We should pour time and money into creating a Cuba-like socialized medicine machine.

SICKO reminds me to keep eating better, getting more exercise, stretching at night, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, cutting back on sugar, elimination "white" and educating myself on health and nutrition. It drives me to nag (oops! encourage) my husband to do the same. I don't want to be a part of his system.

Then kudos to to Mike Huckabee for having the guts to STATE that health is OUR responsibility and not something that will be fixed "if only" we had better medical care.

Don't get me wrong. I Love - I value and am grateful to a number of doctors who helped me, saved my mother and brother's lives, etc.

However I've spent years looking for solutions to unsolvable chronic conditions including asthma, migraine headaches, candida and, of course, chronic fatigue. If there was a pill I could have popped to solve any of these I would have done it BUT having to find, feel, work and research my way back to health made me a stronger, healthier person. Had I waited on congress - on the "system" I would be dead by now or, at least, a Sicko.

Michael Moore has millions and billions of $$$. He can afford the best health care. He can even fly to Cuba to get more. So, obviously great health isn't for sale. It is about the little, daily habits and actions we take to better ourselves. All the kings horses won't fix what we tear down if we aren't willing to do the footwork ...

Don't count on a government program to heal you. Don't wait for something or someone "out there" to change your chronic health condition. Be the change you need.

Mike Huckabee gets my vote. I am even going to send him a campaign contribution and a free copy of my Fatigue Be Gone! Guide. (Do you have yours?)

What say you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Huckabee!

And, our American doctors want us to take action vs. go limp when it come to our health.

Here is what a few have to say:

"The best prescription is knowledge." -Former Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop

"An educated patient is a better patient." -Dr. William B. Young of the Jefferson Headache Center