Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Walk Away & Hold It!

Walk Away.

Is a toxic relationship sucking you dry?You don't have to stay - you can, literally, walk away.

Often the simplest solutions are completely overlooked.

And, those Energy Vampires can cross the line - phone line that is. The phone version of the Walk Away maneuver is called Hold It!

It's simple. Just ask them to "Hold It." Push that hold button & take a break. Take the time you need to collect your thoughts, breathe deeply and relax. Then, when you are ready, get back on the line and handle the situation calmly.

Feeling victimized is exhausting. Remember - YOU have choices. Use them!

Psst. If "boundaries" is difficult for you, tune into this interview, Nice Girls - Toxic Love & Breaking the Ties that Bind.

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