Thursday, July 19, 2007

re-Engergize - Starting with the soles of your feet

Reflexology is nothing new. There is overwhelming evidence that it was practiced as early as 2,330 BC by the Egyptians. (Mark Anthony rubbed Cleopatra’s feet during dinner parties. How can I get my husband to do this?!)

Reflexology is a massage therapy. It presses “reflex” points on the feet or hands to release stress and dis-eases in the body. For example, rubbing points on the big toe can relax our neck, relieve headaches and clear the sinuses! The adrenal gland is found on the arch of the foot. This spot should be gently rubbed regularly …

The Self-Indulgent “Foot Scrub” is loaded with coarse Dead Sea Salts, fine Dead Sea Salts and Epsom salts soaked in sweet almond oil, PLUS an invigorating blend of mint and citrus essential oils. It is the ultimate in foot exfoliation, moisturizing and energizing.

Best of all – it feels so good! You will be inspired to make this “Foot Scrub Reflex Massage”a regular part of your routine. What is good for your feet is GREAT for all of you.

SPECIAL PRICING for Fatigue Be Gone! Guide Owners! “Reflex” Foot Scrub sells for $12.75. You pay only $2.75 plus s/h when you take advantage of the special offer included in the sale of each guide. .

SO - You could be feeling GREAT by the end of the summer and have soft, pretty, touch-me feet OR ...

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