Friday, July 27, 2007

Poof! All gone ... until I want it back.

Sometimes you just have to make things all gone.

I moved into our new home the end of May. Somehow, believe it or not, most of the rooms still have one or two unfinished projects hanging out.

In the bedroom there is the unhung painting of lovebirds. In the living room my doll collection awaits a display box, posters wait for frames and ... In the dinette an army of little nick knacks litter the window sills.

I'll stop now before I totally stress you out too.

Unfinished projects are a part of life and so is choice. Today I chose to put these bits and bobs into a big plastic bin that slides so nicely under a table. Poof! Just like magic the "to dos" fade back, the guilt is gone and I am enjoying the house more.

What do you need to pack or bag? Give yourself permission to not be perfect today or tomorrow or this month.

Now, enjoy the rest of your day. I will.

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