Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Progress not perfection.

Start somewhere.

Me, I keep working my way towards the "ultimate" cleanse.

Ultimate to me means I have brought all the right foods and liquids. I have laid out a plan to follow and all systems are GO.

But in between now and that fabulous future is today.

Today I will plump up my chicken salad by adding in chopped cucumbers, squash, chives and apples. I will sprinkle in a couple TBSP of flax and wheat germ. Tonight we will eat a simple lean steak with a big salad side. Why? Because I got to start somewhere (no fast food, nothing white and no dairy) to start something.

Did you see the recipe for the plumped up - fiber & veggie filled meatloaf? Click here.

I'll let you know when I actually get to the cleanse! We'll call this the "pre-cleanse." Does that work for you?

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